ice:今天5pm,大家一起去Champs Elysees迎接環法自行車賽的選手們吧!

This coming Sunday, July 26, the 96th Tour de France will come through Paris once again

The end of the race is planned for 5pm.On this final day, thousands of spectators line the streets of Paris along the Champs Elysees to see the riders race.

The “Tour de France” is a big celebration for the cities it crosses every year.
From Saturday 4 to Sunday 26 July 2009, the 96th Tour de France has been held in 21 steps to a distance of approximately 3 500 km.

After almost one month of harsh and fierce competition on the roads of France, the traditional end of the Tour de France on the Champs Elysees in Paris is the highlight of the competition since 1975.

For the first time in the history of Tour de France, a race in the mountain will precede the final arrival! The race will be more interesting.

The race will get in Paris from the East, going along the Quai François Mittérrand to the Quai des Grands Augustins & Quai de Conti, and then across the Seine to Concorde Suare, before ascending the Champs Elysees for 8 laps before the end.

This step is an apotheosis due to the vying sprinters who leads to a spectacular arrival on the Avenue.

You will no doubt feel the excitement filled the streets of the Champs Elysees, which is celebrating this day. The pride of France in terms of a sports event, the Tour de France is a veritable institution! It is the top cycling event to win in order to become a cycling legend.

To see the Tour de France on the Champs Elysees is memorable.Pick a spot and stick with it.

Good places to watch the Tour on the Champs Elysees:

• Pizza Vesuvio : 144 Champs Elysees - 1st floor Tel :01 43 59 68 69
• Pizza Pino : 31-33 Champs Elysees - 1st floo
• Pomme de Pain : 50 avenue des Champs Elysees 1st floor
• Häagen-Dazs - Ice bar : 49/51 Champs Elysees – 2nd floor
• Cafe di Roma : 35, Champs Elysees – 1st floor

See the marqueses at

To get to the race route, you can take the Métro to any of the following stops:
•Concorde (Line 1, 8, 12);
•Champs-Elysées–Clemenceau (Line 1, 13);
•Franklin D. Roosevelt (Line 1, 9);
•George V (Line 1).

•The station « Tuileries » will be closed the 26 of July from 2 p to 7pm.

•The closest station to go back after the race or to avoid the crowd is to go to metro stations; Ternes (Line2), Saint Philippe du Roule and Alma Marceau ( Line 9)


• To cross the street, it is better going under the avenue by the subway.
-George V: 103 or 116 Champs Elysees
Franklin Roosevelt: 46 or 31 Champs Elysees
• If you lose your kids, you can take Louis Vuitton as the appointment place. It can be seen along the whole Avenue.
• To see the itinireray of the arrival of the Tour de France 2008, go here ( ). The ride in the city of Paris is the same.
• If you want to see the racers without the crowd, the ride will go through the city before the big arrival.
• Do not forget to drink with the heat, many cafes and restaurants on the avenue will have exteriors bars where you could have cheaper drinks than inside.
• Good to know: Roughly 60-90 minutes before the riders come through you’ll see what’s known as the “caravan” come through the race route. It’s a weird parade of sponsor vehicles, most of them have goodies to throw to spectators of the Tour de France.
• If you want to buy « souvenirs and T shirts » we recommand you the ' Library Biret' which offers better prices than the truck parked on the sidewalks of the avenue.

*Watch out! Sometimes, little girls are pickpocket. They are usually in group of 3 or 4, wearing hairs tied. They hold a map or a fabric on their arm, and they use it to steal tourist without being noticed.*

Local Police:

1, General Eisenhower avenue (between Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill avenues)
75008 PARIS
Tel: 01 44 18 69 07


This July 26, the famous Parisian avenue will be closed to motorists to enable cyclists to make the eight traditional tours in the capital.
The traffic will be prohibited on Champs Elysees Avenue, from 9am to about 6:30 pm.
Besides Champs Elysees Avenue, this tour includes Friedland avenue, Charles de Gaulle sduare, the Quai d'Orsay, the Rivoli street near Louvre, etc..
The parking will also be totally forbidden from Saturday July 25th on the route taken by the riders (from 7.00pm), as well as Dutuit, Winston Churchill, de Marigny and Ternes (odd side) avenues, and Elysee and Belidor street.
Traffic will be prohibited on the course lane that will be held in the heart of the capital.
This route will take, this yea,r docks in the east of Paris, namely François Mauriac, Austerlitz, St Michel des Grands Augustins, Conti, Malaquais, Voltaire docks, etc..
Motorists must avoid these places and prefer public cars.

More information on the website of the Prefecture of Police:

See photos of the 1999 tour arrival at our gallery:


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